Glass Paper Etcetera-s

Tables, chairs, trays, wall-art... mosaics, decoupage, etched glass, sea shells, solder... Think it, I've probably done it :) Glass, Paper, Glue, Metal, Paint, Passion AND Good Times-- thats what I call mixed media. For questions, comments and requests, email

Sun-catcher: Boat 1

Sun-catcher: Flowers 4

Sun-catcher: Flowers 3

Flower and Butterfly
:: Garden Collection

Sun-catcher: Boat 2

Sun-catcher: Flowers 2

Garden Collection

Sun-catcher: Flowers 1

two flowers
:: Garden Collection

Sun-catcher: Boat 3

Sun-catcher: Bird

Business Card Holder #13

Made from recycled glass that has not been cut any further or modified in any way, this is one beautiful statement of 'reuse, recycle and repurpose'

Miscellaneous holder: pens, stationery, brochures or toiletries #2

The beauty is in the details.


Holds anything: here's my painting brushes and pens.

Business Card Holder #12

Yet another Blue-Green!

Art OFF On 2010

My booth at Art-Off-On marking the beginning of Polish Student Festival Juwenalia in Chicago IL. July 15